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'Where Are They Now' at 1UP


Today 1UP posted a fun (i.e. not very serious) new feature from yours truly: Where Are They Now, a roster of people who were in and around video games in the '90s, mostly, and where they went from there. Not all of the entries were my idea (the cover artists are kind of a stretch), and I imagine most people will just giggle at J.D. Roth on the first page and not read the rest -- totally valid -- but I did enjoy figuring out where people ended up, not the least of which being Mr. Yukawa from Sega. Turns out he was doing commercials for them way before Dreamcast, too:

Funnily enough, this feature was originally for the next issue of 1UP's own MagCloud-published magazine, which would have further extended my tentacles across that space, but it was shifted to the web. It probably works better here, anyway.