THE ARCHIVE 2011-2015

SCROLL 12: Introducing MSX




Ebook features Cover A design.

Available in three variant covers:
Cover A:
 MSX1 / blue motif • Cover B: MSX2 / red motif • Cover C: MSX Turbo R / green motif

The MSX personal computer standard arrived when there was already a saturated market of machines of all shapes, sizes and capability. However, it became somewhat of a known quantity in Japan and Western Europe -- but in North America, birthplace of the PC, MSX was practically nonexistent. An odd twist, considering it was based on a domestic company's design and got backing from Microsoft. As a side effect, we missed a decade of great 8-bit computer games. Sure, plenty came from other sources, but there's no ignoring what made MSX special; the same things that gave it a chance. In this issue, America says hello to MSX while SCROLL says goodbye.